About the Cattery

Patricia McLaughlin is delighted to introduce The Patrician Cattery !!!

Located in beautiful natural British Columbia, The Patrician Cattery has been breeding The Exotic Bombay in Burnaby since 2012.

The Patrician Cattery’s unique felines have made their way into happy homes of cat lovers across Canada and the United States.

Bombay kittens from the Patrician Cattery are completely socialized through hands-on care, ensuring their magical personalities shine through prior to going to their new homes.

Prior to going to their new families they are successfully litter trained at 5 weeks. 
Care, safety, and well-being are of the utmost importance. 

Kittens are sold as pets only not for breeding. All kittens are altered shortly after 12 weeks, prior to leaving the cattery. (Note: This is also a by-law in the city of Burnaby.)           

All of the Patrician Cattery’s “Proud Parents” are registered with
The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Please contact the Patrician Cattery for additional information.

“Patricia is that special breeder that, in my experience, goes above and beyond in regards to the health, care, and socialization of the cats and kittens at her cattery. Patricia will do whatever is necessary to ensure your new Bombaby is the most wonderful pet choice you could possibly make.”
– Carl (cat-dad of a panther and a sable)