In Memory

Janice Diana Hodgins
October 12, 1960 – February 03, 2022

It is with great sadness that on February 3, 2022
Janice my good friend and Bombay colleague of 10 years passed away. Much much too soon: she was only 61 years young.

Janice was very adventurous and lived her life as she saw fit.
She was beyond kind and very artistically talented.
She had many respected friends and colleagues.

She loved animals especially her Bombay and Burmese breeds.

Without Janice The Patrician Cattery would likely not exist.

Without her all our beautiful Bombays would likely not exist.
The kittens and cats that have filled our lives with so much love, devotion and companionship was made possible by this generous “southern gal”!

Janice will be forever loved and missed by The Patrician Cattery
and many many others.